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On suspension items....
the drop links (front or rear) will make clunking noises that will make you think more expensive components are failing. The drop links are cheap. replace them first and see how things sound.
Next item in rear is track arms (trailing arms). Noise is most prominent at low speeds on bumpy roads. Track arms are about $150 each but are easily replaced in driveway (30 minutes/side) once car is on jacks.

Motor mount: If you're not tracking your car, consider OEM mount or insert. It works fine and once you see how easy this job is to do, you won't worry about having to do it again at some point way down the road.

Water Pump: Great time to do the WP is when you do the motor mount. Also consider doing thermostat at the same time as you have coolant drained . Two thermostats are available...OEM and low temp version. I'll stay out of recommending one over the other.
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