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Now that I've got a little more time, I thought I'd give you a little more of a complete view on the LWFW.

Most of this debate centers around what the actual purpose of the flywheel is on this motor. On many motors, the flywheel acts as an external balancer. You balance it with the reciprocating assembly to offset the imbalance inherent in the reciprocating assembly. When the flywheel is replaced with a flexplate (in the case of an automatic trans, for instance) then a balancer is used on the front of the crank.

This is NOT the same as a harmonic damper. (By the way; we're damping harmonics with a damper; we are NOT dampening harmonics with a dampener. )

A harmonic damper is simply absorbing shocks which tend to become vibrations. A harmonic begins with an event and then it "oscillates" at a wavelength which tends to feed itself, increasing dynamically as it travels the length of the crankshaft. A damper absorbs that oscillation / vibration / harmonic. But here's the deal (Biden reference haha) an internally balanced motor like the M96 has very few opportunities for that harmonic to occur, and if it does, it's absorbed in the gear-pack pretty effectively. Maybe you could have an issue if you like sustained high-revs in neutral.... The Dual-Mass flywheel is neutrally-balanced (such as a dual-mass unit CAN be balanced). IF you neutral-balance your LWFW, then your motor remains balanced.

So everyone who tells you you need to "dampen" the motor if you remove the DMFW flywheel; hand them a spray-bottle and tell them to have at it.

Originally Posted by Robert986 View Post
Oh sorry for my late repsons, thanks all for the good input!

It looks like the flywheel I was offered has gone so I need to find something else. A lot of talk about the Aasco alu-wheel. I also realize that I want a sprung clutch, to mitigate the ratteling. This car is mainly a street car but I want it to be competetive at the track too.

So, if I would go with the Aasco, do anyone know a sprung clutch that would fit? My car is the 986s 2003.

Also a question to yoou gues who responded about lifting heigt, the 20", do you mean the total clearance so that 20" jacks would be enough? Or do I need to lift it 20" higher than how it stands with the wheels on? Stupid questions I guess.

I know that itīs an increased risk, but wtf..

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