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Originally Posted by Robert986 View Post
Oh sorry for my late repsons, thanks all for the good input!

It looks like the flywheel I was offered has gone so I need to find something else. A lot of talk about the Aasco alu-wheel. I also realize that I want a sprung clutch, to mitigate the ratteling. This car is mainly a street car but I want it to be competetive at the track too.

So, if I would go with the Aasco, do anyone know a sprung clutch that would fit? My car is the 986s 2003.

Also a question to yoou gues who responded about lifting heigt, the 20", do you mean the total clearance so that 20" jacks would be enough? Or do I need to lift it 20" higher than how it stands with the wheels on? Stupid questions I guess.

I know that itīs an increased risk, but wtf..
Do your best to ignore anyone who says there are documented cases of failed crankshafts due to lwfw. Everyone always says this, but when pressed to provide said documentation, it invariably comes back to "Jake Raby says..... blah blah blah". He has "documented" ONE such case, with untold countless other extreme modifications done to the motor, yet le laid blame on the LWFW. Of course he did...

JFP on this forum has also said he's seen several over his years. I respect JFP immensely, and so I believe him. but they aren't "documented" so that we can look at what the circumstances were surrounding the failure. At that point I have to chalk those up to the same ethereal whispers of something.

On the other hand, there are literally HUNDREDS of documented installations with nary a problem. Including my own.

FWIW: I did not bother with a damped pulley, as that negates to some extent the reduction of weight I just did on the flywheel. I'm running a lightweight alu underdrive pulley. I DID however have my new pressure-plate balanced with the Aasco flywheel. Both were "close" from the factory, but not exact.
Use the Sachs Stage 3 clutch. And expect to hear the gear-lash anyway, when the trans is warm.

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