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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
This morning I replaced the heater core in THAT. My daughter had smelled coolant with the heater on and when I checked the coolant level it was a little bit low. The whole job took about 1-1/2 hours at a leisurely pace - nothing difficult or 'fiddly', just some stuff to unbolt and get out of the way.

There wasn't a puddle of coolant under it, but it was clearly leaking from the top.

I used the DIY that Meir posted a few years ago. Great detailed easy to follow instructions. I recommend that everyone download and save the .PDF files that he has linked here in case you ever need them. Post (5) in this thread:

While I was in there, I noticed that a previous owner had done Meir's heater flap foam repair.

Meir is the man! So helpful when I did the mixer door fix - my first “big” repair when I got the car 4 years ago.

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