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Originally Posted by Smallblock454 View Post
Hi Greg,

first step is always to measure all parts, especially the cylinder heads. Because this is an full alloy engine you have to check for flatness, warps and if anything is straight.

You can check the head surface by using a steel ruler. Put the ruler on the head and put a torch behind the ruler so it shines in your direction. If you can see light come through between the head surface and the ruler, in general the head needs to be resurfaced.

Now it depends how much material needs to be machined from the head and if the head is warped in any way. Most time you can compensate with a thicker cylinder head seal, but if not the struggle begins, because than you have to reseat the valves, sometimes adjust the valve length and so on. Good thing on a M96 engine is that you can adjust the cam position / timing.

So before doing anything else first step is to do measurements and check if everything is straight.

Hope this is helpful.

Regards, Markus
Hey Markus, thanks for the useful tips, I`ll do the measurements soon.


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