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Originally Posted by tzincp View Post
Hello, I recently purchased my first 986. During the PPI the experienced Porsche Indy mechanic strongly recommended against using the M96 engine for ANY track work, not so much as a DE.
He cited numerous issues with the M96 engine that would cause it to meet a rapid and unplanned disassembly if used on the track, mostly around the oil. lubrication issues under lateral g-load, oil aeration/ frothing issues...
The mechanic clearly told me that while I may get through a single track day, I would be lucky to get through a second using an M96 engine.

The issue is that to my admittedly limited knowledge these cars have been used extensively for racing in stock form. Heck, there is a section on this website called "Boxster Racing Form"
I am aware of a few deep oil sump and aftermarket baffle solutions to help with the sloshing issue, but I thought it is something I didn't need to worry about when attending, for instance, a DE.

My question is, Is it safe to take my 2001 986 S to a track day or DE without worry about destroying my engine for it?

Reports of the M96 demise on race tracks have been greatly exaggerated. 20 min DE sessions with the right oil, on street tires present a very low risk. 40 min racing sessions on Comp tires at a Super Speedway in the heat of battle present far greater risk.

My car and my brothers car were both set up as Championship BSX Class DE/TT cars. We owned and raced them in TT for 10 years with over 200 track days between them. We ran 100tw tires, the right oil (5w40 Castrol). made sure it was topped off every session, and avoided redline on long left sweepers and downshifts like the plague. Redline was reserved for straight and level only. Both engines logged over 100k miles with no oiling issues ever.

Drive smart and have no worries.
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