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Originally Posted by jmitro View Post
really neat to see a Porsche fanatic here in OK with so many Boxsters on hand.
Hallet is a fun track; one day I'll get my Boxster out there.
your cars are beautiful; especially love the silver/ red combo
Thanks, I never really intended to have a collection of them, but they have been great cars and as the opportunity comes to buy another one, it's often hard to pick one to let go of.
I didn't make it out to Hallett at all this year, but I'm planning to go in 2019 as much as my schedule allows. Fun and challenging.
Here's a couple photos from my wife's phone that show how close I came to wrecking THIS in a spin. All I saw was a red streak go by as I was trying to recover the car. I expect to start over again as a novice next time I go out.

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