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I did a little bit of work - maintenance - on THAT. It has a little over 140k miles on it now. I replaced the primary O2 sensors and the front diagonal [control] arms. The O2 Sensors had given a code that I cleared a couple time before getting around to it. The diagonal arms were rattling over bumps and the front alignment was drifting a bit.
The O2 sensors were quick and easy with the car on jack stands I didn't even have to take the wheels off. I did the O2 sensors on the '01 after and they were even easier - the connection for the wires on the 99 and earlier is harder to reach.

The diagonal arms were pretty simple, but the alignment needed some adjustment afterward. I used a set of Toe Plates and moved it from a slight toe-out to a slight toe-in. When the weather warms up, I plan to replace the rest of the front end including: tie rods, struts, coffin arms, and sway bar links. I'll probably have it properly aligned by a shop after that.

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