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[QUOTE=78F350;572904]I met my daughter for a walk a little before sunset. I took some cell phone pictures of THAT and the '04 SE. The custom tags have been ordered for the SE "OTHER", but it takes up to four months to receive them in Oklahoma. Looking forward to a photo shoot with THIS, THAT, and the OTHER.

I was wondering (hoping) if you were going with that's just toooo darn obvious. Looking forward to the pics of all three. BTW, your photos are always so beautiful. Most all of my mothers' side of the family is from Oklahoma, unfortunately I haven't been that way in about 10 years; keep meaning to attend one of the family reunions, but they seem to always be at the end of June, and honestly the weather (or at least as I remember it) is just too darn oppressive during that time....but in saying that, it's 94 (with 80% humidity) here today....maybe if I jumped in the Boxster I could still make the reunion.
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