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I just did this yesterday, and the previous comments are totally correct about needing to remove the belt to diagnose the issue. Fortunately, it's very easy to get on and off. Just use a 24mm wrench or socket to apply clockwise pressure to the tensioner pulley (it's the small one sort of in the middle of the rest with a 24mm bolt that has a little hole in it).

Once you have the belt off, start the car and let it run for about a minute. Don't try to drive it like this LOL.

If it still makes the noise, you've ruled out belt driven issues (at least for this sound)

If it doesn't still make the noise, try turning each pulley by hand.

* The water pump (1) should have no play, and take some effort to turn.
* The alternator (2) should similarly have no play, and is a bit easier to turn.
* The idler pulleys (3, 8) and tensioner pulley (7) should have no play and and should not spin freely. When you spin them they go around maybe once and then stop.
* The power steering pulley (4) should have no play. When you turn it, it may make a little noise when you turn it back and forth. Same with the AC compressor (5)
* The crankshaft pulley (6) should have no play, but you won't be able to turn it.

Based on your description, I would guess the culprit is likely the water pump or alternator with the squeal possibly indicating alternator, though it could also just be a bad belt.

Good luck and report back.
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