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crank shaft rattle

Hoping you can help. Last week I started my 2000, 986, Boxster S up only to hear a rattle I've never heard before that got faster with throttle both while stationary & under load. I didn't drive it beyond a mechanic who lives about 200 meters from me, so haven't much more info to impart beyond that the engine was otherwise perfect.

Last night I finally decided to look deeper. My mechanic had returned it to me after mention of water pump or IMS bearing being possible culprits - but seems to have a fear of it because it's mid engined and did little to help - basically washed his hands of it in fact. Anyway - I believe the noise is coming from the crank shaft pulley. When I brought my wife out for a second opinion (she came to the same conclusion without prompting as to my thoughts) there was a loud squeal for around a second when the engine first started and it laboured a little before settling.

Could sticking in a replacement pulley possibly be enough to solve it?

Can the fact the noise is coming from the pulley end of the engine let me stop worrying that the IMS is on its way out?


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