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Originally Posted by mannyd7 View Post
Hey Everyone,

... very little hands on mechanical experience besides very basic maintenance stuff (brakes, oil change, change a tire), so anything I have done to this car will be handled by professionals. ...
The closest thing to a engine swap kit for this car is Renegade's LS swap. Even that leaves a lot up to the builder to figure out. If you are not planning on doing the work and research on your own, your best bet would be to call the shop that you plan to have the work done at and see if they think they are capable. Next ask the price. I expect that you can buy a nice, complete Boxster S for less than what you will invest in a project like this even with the shell costing under 1000.

Check out Vlad's build thread here:

and here: Boxster V8 Project

I don't know anyone that's working a Nissan engine in. If I were you, I'd look for info on Nissan Vq35DE swaps (to other non-Nissans) that other people have done to get an idea of what the challenges and costs are.

Some Audi V8 discussion here:
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