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Originally Posted by Propes View Post
1. How difficult is it to remove the front dash console?
2. What would I have to modify to the console area to gain access to this. (I replaced the radio in the car about 5 years ago but I do not remember what it looked like inside there).
3. What did you use to cut the vent and how likely is it I would damage other parts when I tried to cut into it.
4. Why kind of tape did you use to seal everything back up as I know heat can loosen adhesive over time. ...
1. On my car it was very easy to remove and access. The switch panels on the side are removed to access screws that hold it in. The console changed in the later years to one piece and I'm not sure if it's more difficult.
The location of climate control unit, cup holders, and type of stereo may effect the difficulty.

2. I didn't have to make any modifications. I just disconnected and moved things that were in the way. If you replaced the radio before, it's very similar.

3. I used an oscillating multi-tool with a cutting blade. Surprisingly easy and precise. I almost used a Dremel, but came across this first. Either should work well.

4. My one concern after completing the job is that I'm not sure how well it will hold up to heat long term. You may want to look at 3M Flue Tape which is good to 600 F. The tape I used is thicker than most and has a very strong, finely woven cloth layer. When I tried to find specs online, it looks like it has a recommended operating temp up to 200 F which may be close to the peak temps.
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