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There has to be another way...

At first I just had foam blowing out the vents, but after about a year, there was no hot air and on cold mornings, the windshield would frost back up. I quit driving that car on cold days.
I first saw Meir's DIY about two years ago. I downloaded the .pdfs and studied them getting ready to do the job. Great work and well documented. Recently I decided to stop putting it off and get the job done. I pulled the HVAC unit from my parts car off the shelf and used it for a visual aid. Looking it over, I came up with another way to access the flaps.

The flaps are behind a duct behind the dashboard center console.

I tried to see if there was a way to move it without removing the dashboard, but it can't be done.

With that duct out of the way, the flaps are accessible. How to get there....?
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