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Question Very strange electrical behavior...

I'm brand new to the forum, and would appreciate any help/suggestions regarding a strange occurance I just encountered.

I've got a '98 Boxster. Out of nowhere, I was unable to insert the key into the ignition switch. It looked like the keyhole was blocked. After many tries, it finally went in but when turning the key to the "on" position, it felt like the key was inserted in heavy clay (difficult to turn).

Then the wierd stuff began. The AC fan would not start although the fan gauge indicated it was on. The gague lights fluctuated up and down by themselves but the fan wasn't running. The parking lights worked as well as the high beams, but the low beams wouldn't. Lastly (at least I think), the seatbelt chime continued to ring, even without the key in the ignition and no one was sitting in the seats.

Anyone experience this "poltergeist"-type behavior?

Thanks in advance.
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