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Thinning the herd? You know as soon as you sell one, two more pop up in your driveway?
Well, I found that 2000 S by accident as I was putting the listing for this one up. ...and now I'm keeping my eyes open for an engine donor as I'm planning to keep that 2.5 as a spare.

We are expecting a new "should I buy this 99" thread any day now.
She's gone now. It was more like trying to find a good home for it than just selling a used car. I sent the few callers seemed 'worthy' here and recommended they read threads like ksjohn's "cheap Porsche" thread and the jcslocum family project. A few were scared off. I could tell that the buyer would do well with it when we met and he looked it over. Priced at $5,500 and adjusted a little less. Everyone's happy.

I must not have been to the right parts of Oklahoma.
It's a big state. Mostly hills and forest where I'm at in the northeast. The state tourism dept actually list some good rides Motorcycling in Eastern Oklahoma: Top Five Rides | - Oklahoma's Official Travel & Tourism Site
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