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Originally Posted by Perfectlap View Post
another four years?
When it comes to electric cars, there isn't any hurry to get to market. Customer adoption of pure electric cars is generally considered pathetic.

Tesla is on track to sell 25K cars this year and Nissan will sell about 20K Leaf's. Throw in the Ford e-Focus, Chevy Spark, Fiat e-500, along with a few others and the total US market is less than 70,000 cars. That's it folks! The total electric car market is 35% less than the market for Subaru Outbacks alone (which sold 108,000).

Percentage-wise, EV's are about 1.1% of the passenger car market (>6,000,000 cars in 2015) with an anemic growth of 0.1% over 2014.

Thus, Porsche is more than happy to let Tesla to continue to take all of the risks in this segment (and continue to lose money on every car sold) until the market starts to mature.

EV sales data:
Tanking Nissan LEAF Takes US Electric Car Market With It

Passenger car sales data; Note: The Buick Verano sells as well as the Tesla Model S. Whatever a Buick Verano is.
September 2015 YTD U.S. Passenger Car Sales Rankings - Top 158 Best-Selling Cars In America - Every Car Ranked - GOOD CAR BAD CAR
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