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Originally Posted by rsf View Post
...When I do side the steering wheel in and out, I can hear (what appears to sound like) cogs or something when it should be locking.
I think that noise is coming from behind that block/wedge. Probably gearing on the internal shaft that is locked in place when the block is pushed in.

The little block/wedge piece is behind the piston is loose and I'm not sure it should be. I'd hate to have to pull the whole thing out and was hoping it was a little screw loose or something.
When my steering telescope is locked, that block/wedge is locked down tight. It is only free when the steering telescope is free to move.

On the steering columns you have out...what does the other side look like?...and is the block/wedge loose?
My steering column looks exactly like what you have in all the pictures. The back side of that piston has a 'C'-clip that probably has a heavy spring load. To pull it apart any further, that piston and block will have to come out and my chances of getting it all back together are probably not good.
I expect that the problem is inside the column. I Looked it up in my shop manuals, and there is no repair or dis-assembly of that column, just a procedure to remove and replace.

It may be a bit of debris blocking it, or the mechanism may be broken.

I can send you a steering column, but your best bet might be to make an appointment with Woody. It looks like he's only about a 1.5 to 2 hour drive.
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