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Originally Posted by Timco View Post
Swap the left & right sensor. See if fault code follows the sensor.
While I did not go through any of the repairs the OP did, my before Cat O2 sensors were replaced at 70K with Bosch OEM due to the code P1275 being thrown repeatedly. It seemed to have resolved the problem until it showed up again. When the car was serviced in May the pre-cat sensors were swapped and the same code (P1275) has continued to show up.

The owner of the shop thinks its the CAT while the technician working on the car rebuts that by saying that the codes are being triggered by something ahead of the CAT. Frankly, this is just crazy. When the car wouldn't smog a year or more ago, the air filter and MAF sensors were cleaned, and the car is only driven about 3500 miles/year. What I'm wondering is if the codes keep coming up due to the lack of activity. In all my life I've never owned a car that had the CEL indicator come on so often.. the car runs GREAT though! Any ideas?
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