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Help! 02 Sensor or something else issues!..

I have the following error codes: P0140, P0160, P1118. My mechanic replaced all four 02 sensors. Two of the replaced our the OEM Bausch version and the other two are after market.

These are the codes below...

After I did a CEL reset using my Durametric cable and software I performed another test and received the error below:

When I drive around the CEL will come back on again and the same errors return. I took a few screen shots of "suspect" readings. The only reason I say they are "suspect" is that they don't match each other in value or had some delta value that was interesting. Is there a test I can run to see if my O2 sensors were installed correctly? I understand that these had to be "wired by hand". Below are screen shot readings. Any input or next step suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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