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Sorry, I mislead. I meant the fellow that posted the off topic issue on service reliability.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Originally Posted by KevinH1990
No I'm not - I just had a busy day.

My friend corrected me - he said the car only has 24k on the clock. It passed the PPI with flying colors, so he is closing the deal tomorrow. I hope to get off work early enough to take him to pick it up.

The car I'm considering is a 98 with 17k and a hardtop. The consensus on the price is between $18,500 and $19,000. If my friend can buy a nice 02 for $26,000, that gives me hope that I can pick up the 98 for a good price. The 02 has the upgraded interior and bigger engine after all.

I'm talking to the mechanic who replaced the engine in the 98 tonight. I need to get a better feel for the circumstances that led to the replacement.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the feedback - even if some of it was off topic.
Rich Belloff

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