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We run the Tarett 986 car with a tuned M96 3.2 with a 6 speed. Chassis is VERY light. ALL the magic is in the suspension (as it should be)

I have another GT4 car we are building right now 06 CaymanS with a 2.9l 9A1 engine. Bare tub build, powder coated chassis
Engine Builds, Transmission Builds, Engine Conversions, Suspension Installs, Suspension Tuning, Driver Coaching, Data Acquisition, Video, SCCA/PCA/POC/NASA/GRAND AM/ALMS.
We have worked with amateur and professional drivers for over 26 years. In house machinist, In house fabrication. Our cars, our parts, our engines, our transmission's run nationwide at events every weekend. We work side by side with industry names developing parts.
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