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Originally Posted by Speedster986 View Post
I'm new to the Porsche Brand, but itching to try my next mod.

My first mod consisted of a "simple to install" bolt-on plenum that replaces the original stock plenum by Peak Aire Performance, which has yielded 36 to 37 MPG highway driving ( see pic ) & 20 to 23 MPG city.

Not sure if these MPG ratings are good or bad, however the original sticker price label when the car was sold read - 20 City 29 Highway - Comments Welcomed!


Has anyone successfully increased the size of the stock TB & Intake Plenum from 68mm to 74mm?

I would like to combine the increased performance from the first mod with a larger plenum & TB from a different Porsche model.

Does anyone have the recipe for this "DIY" cocktail?
Before you go off spending a lot of money on modifications that may deliver only questionable results, do you homework thoroughly and be prepared to conduct the mods scientifically (e.g.: before and after dyno pulls at a reputable testing facility).

A lot of the aftermarket intake (and exhaust) mods for these cars actually add very little, if any, gains; and even then the gains are often if an RPM range where the engine spends very little of its existence. Quite often, many of these mods do something far worse: They cost a lot of money and actually reduce power and torque, and can defeat the car’s drivability at the same time.

Bigger is not always better; only when it is definitively and positively proven to increase power output in a usable RPM range, without making driving the car a pain.
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