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Convertible Top Push Rod Information

1997 Boxster:
Have any of you had any experience with the tapered head bolt and brass cam that anchors the end of the push rod to the transmission arm for the convertible top?

Specifically, is that bolt supposed to be tightened down completely to some torque value, or left a bit loose, maybe with a bit of blue lock-tite on the threads so that the brass cam piece can rotate freely on the bolt ?
With it tightened down completely, it seems to distort the rubber bushing piece severely .. Also, there is a punch mark in the brass cam piece is that supposed to line up with anything?

As you might imagine, I purchased the car used with a hard top on it and found both the rubber bushings on the push rod were in need of replacement when I got into the convertible top. One busing was disintegrated, lying in pieces in the top storage area. The other one was ready to fall off.

Thank you for any comments, advice!

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