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Originally Posted by Idaho Red Rocket 3 View Post
The Porsche dealer in Boise has a new '13 "S" on the lot. Yes it does look great. I want one. It is loaded and even has Sporrt Chrono. Automatic trans. (Not for me.) It is silver and has one feature I would change...20" wheels. I would change those to 18". 20's look like wagon wheels and they make the big red brakes look very small. Factory sticker priced at $80K.
I thought we lived in the lucky country, but looks like you guys do

Also went to a local launch here on the 7th July. Love the car but at our price of $170,000 you guys are laughing. Even when our dollar is up on yours, UK the same a lot cheaper than us.

Must say though, they sold 3 in the hour or so I was there.

Silver looks great and really emphasizes the lines and shape. Black was a bit of a let down.

The only negative was driving home in what felt like a completely outdated Coxster
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