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Originally Posted by Idaho Red Rocket 3 View Post
The Porsche dealer in Boise has a new '13 "S" on the lot. Yes it does look great. I want one. It is loaded and even has Sporrt Chrono. Automatic trans. (Not for me.) It is silver and has one feature I would change...20" wheels. I would change those to 18". 20's look like wagon wheels and they make the big red brakes look very small. Factory sticker priced at $80K.
Agree completely on all counts! Hennessey in Atlanta has maybe 7 on the lot. Beautiful car, especially the white over Cocoa one! But every single one is a PDK. Every single one is over $80k. And I think every one had 20" wheels. I'd be alright with 19s, prefer 18s, but have no use for 20s. And one of the reasons is it makes the car look so under-braked!

If a person wanted to build a 981S for $70k instead of 80k, they could easily do so and in my opinion have a better car in the process.
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