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Weekend Test Drive

Went to the 2013 Boxster unveil this weekend and got to test drive this...

2013 Boxster S - loaded

First Impressions:

Unbelievably good looking. Somehow Porsche figured out how to redesign a car that (in my opinion) was already gorgeous and make it even nicer. The changes, while subtle, really add to the look of the car without over doing it. The interior feels roomier somehow, and as always with Porsche, is crafted almost to perfection. Can't find many negatives if any...It really feels like you're about to drive something really special.


Wow. The way this thing handles is almost unbelievable. I was taking 90 degree turns at 30mph without a sweat. Acceleration and breaking was great. I really have ZERO complaints about the way this thing drives.


Here's where she falls apart. I can best some it up by my wife's question when I got home:

Her: "So how was it?"
Me: Awesome, but not $60,000 more than mine awesome.
Her: "What do you mean?"
Me: I mean they had a 2011 911 Cab sitting there for almost the same price...


In 5 years, when used ones of these hit the market, I'm gonna be a REALLY happy camper.

2002 Boxster S
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