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I used the PC with my Black Miata, a daily driver that I felt like I was ALWAYS cleaning, very frequently
With the Porsche I only use the PC to remove swirls (3M fine cut and orange pad).
I should use the PC more often because its so much quicker.

Those 30 layers were done by hand. I use a foam applicator pad to apply Klasse All in One (you waste allot of product if use MF or Terry pads) and a slighly damp MF pad to apply the Klasse SG. The acrylic spritz is a must have if you are only applying by hand, streaking is common with SG becaue its so concentrated. A dime size drop for each panel. Some say dime size for the whole car but that's weird.

here's a store I order my interior 1Z products from

This was 10 layers of Klasse SG (after claying and 3M fine cut, 3M swirl remover)
and a HEAVY pouring of S100 Carnauba. I think it got dirty 15 minutes later.
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