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Two accidents: advice

In two seperate instances careless drivers did some damage to my car in parking lot type incidents. One old lady nearly took me down as I was exiting my car after parking on the street. She nails my door with front of her car. I'm lucky not to have gotten out of the car a second sooner or I would have been in ambulance.
The door was kocked off alignment and the paint was damaged on the door jam side and the edge of the door. The outside of the door was not really affected. The other insurance company accepted full responsibility. I took it to a body shop that was very close by and they did a light repair so that the door could close but the paint is still scratched/chipped.

Accident number two was in a gas station. The car in front, a large pick up truck, decides to put his car in reverse while I'm behind. I lay on the horn but no use he damages the paint on the front bumper (which was JUST repainted), dents the fender and there's headlight damage. The other insurance company also accepts full responsibility.

So now I have these two incidents on my Car Fax report to explain to a possible buyer. As such I will be sure to take the cars to a highly recommended body shop and I'm going to demand the car be pristine. I'm concerned about the headlight if its not replaced entirely and at some point fails at which point I'm told to pound sand.

Remarkably this is the first accident claim I've ever had to deal with. Any advice so I don't get hosed is welcomed.
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