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Thanks, Mike, you've always got good stuff, man.

To answer your question, yes, I noticed the material on the bottom of the door (the cloth covering that panel that makes up the map pocket in the door) was wet, and I figured it was because the water that was getting in from wherever was simply too much to stay in the area of the door sill and was wetting the fabric when it came inside to where the plastic was on the floor. So are you saying that a drain in the door being plugged would cause the water to pool inside the door and come out through that lower part?

I'll definitely check out that link you supplied...I've really got to take some time and just pour through your site one of these days.

As for the A/C, could you elaborate a bit more on that? Are you saying to check when the A/C is running to see if the condensation is coming into the footwell area? I do find that I have to run the defogger often to clear up the windows during driving. They seem to fog up very easily, and if I leave the air set to recirculate it tends to cause the glass to fog and I have to turn the defogger on, so once I have to do that I pretty much leave it on for the rest of the ride, so the compressor does tend to be run pretty often.

Also, what did you mean about a "ripped" collection area in the roof hatch? What and where would I be looking? Do you mean the area under the clamshell or a part of the top itself?

Thanks for the response, I think the rain's going to stop by Saturday, so I may have an opportunity then to take a good look around in all the areas where there are drains.

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