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some abnormal water accumulation

Hello all, I've found yet another issue with my '97 Boxster that I wanted to bring up to the members here for some insight.

There seems to be some water accumulation happening on passenger side of the vehicle. I notice when I open the passenger door, say after it has rained, there is significantly more water on the lower door sill than on the driver's side. It is so much so that it ends up even on the plastic and carpeting where the door rests when closed.

I've also noticed water accumulates in the passenger footwell. I found this out because I went to change out the generic rubber mats that came with the car when I bought it to an OEM set, and the passenger mat was literally stuck to the carpet by water under the mat in the carpet which had frozen (this was during the lower temps earlier on in winter). I've tried to go about soaking it up, but the temperature has not started working in my favor until recently (really just this week), but unfortunately the warmer temperatures are coupled with a lot of rain so far and more coming. I'm going about getting my hands on some more shammies (there's a few there now)to place under the mat to try and soak up the water as much as possible before placing the new mat into the passenger footwell, but I'm concerned about water getting in there every time the car gets rained on or driven in it.

Now the water has never been so much in the footwell that I could see pooling of it, it just seems to moisten the carpet, but I'm figuring it's simply coming in from where it accumulates in the door jamb. I've had no issues like this whatsoever on the driver's side, and I've never had the car leak when being driven in even heavy rain, which I've done a few times, and as recently as 3 days ago.

I took pictures a few months back when I first noticed the issue, though they were with my phone as that was all I had on me at the time, but I'll try to see about getting those put up on here to help visualize the situation, and I'll try to take some more. It rained a lot this weekend, and there's more coming tomorrow and the following day, so I'm sure I'll have opportunities to take more pictures.

Ok, at this point I figure I'll supply some history on the car, as far as I know it. It has a slavage title, was listed as a repairable collision, and the previous owner whom I purchased it from bought it at an auction, fixed it, drove it as his personal car for a few years, and then let it sit on the lot of his body shop for about 5 years before I finally came along and purchased it from him. What I know about the collision is that it was on the passenger side and had caused damage to the front fender and rear quarter panel behind the air vent, and I believe the front bumper as well. The front fender was replaced, and the rear quarter panel repaired by the shop owner. To be quite honest, it really does look like an excellent job on the quarter panel, other than some slight paint swirl that makes some of the work evident if you really look for it. I digress, I can't help thinking that this accident may have something, or even everything, to do with why the car is getting water in the wrong places.

This is one of those situations where I'm really hard pressed not to go to the dealer to have them look into the cause and possible solutions. Whether I do or not, I still wanted to consult the members on here, as you guys have provided me with great stuff ever since I joined.

Looking forward to any info or advice anyone can provide, and if any more information is required, please ask.

1997 Arctic Silver Boxster, 5-spd
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