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Originally Posted by jimdturner
For those of you who accomplish this, how do you do it? Best I can figure, I would need jack stands or a lift at my storage location to pull plugs and fog the cylinders, because it obviously can't be driven once done.
Thanks in advance.
Unless your car is stored over water, I really donít see any practical advantages of doing this. Iíve been storing my personal Porscheís for the winter for more years than Iíd care to admit to, and I have never oiled the cylinder walls before putting it in hibernation. And Iíve never had a problem. A local dealer stores a couple dozen cars for select customers (one dentist has a GT 2, a GT 3 and a Carrera GT they keep for him from Oct to April), and I know they do not oil any of them either. So unless your particular location causes an issue, just put the car thru the routine pre-storage drill and you will be fineÖÖ.
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