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The biting point is quite high,

This is the sign that ALL push clutches exhibit when the disc is getting thin. Same for 964's/993's/986's/ everything.. Your mechanic is correct. The disc is worn.

Someone above was trying to tell you to shift at peek torque for each gear. You *should* be able to do this by feel.

Double clutch up or blip down? Not on the street. Complete wast of gas blipping down on the street. Even my pro drivers only blip into the actual gear they need to conserve GAS.

You can lift throttle upshift these tranny's at peak torque. They are NOTHING like the early 901/915/930 boxes of yesteryear. These have Borg-Warner synchro's in them just like the Vettes and Vipers do. I don't recommend it driving it this way for very long, but if the clutch fails on you.. you certainly can to get it wherever you need to. Clutch fails: put it in first gear with the engine off and start the car with it in gear. It will shutter, but it will start and take off in first, then bring the engine up to peek torque, lift throttle, and pull the shifter back into second. Come to a light? lift throttle and take the car out of gear, shut it off, coast.. come to stop put it in 1st, hit the starter again when the light goes green.

Long before you do that Get AAA Your starter will thank you for it. The above technique should be used when out in the middle of nowhere. I have driven a Boxster from San Jose to LA with no clutch. I only stopped once to use the mens room

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