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Originally Posted by ekam
I used to own a Toyota Camry and part of a the largest Toyota club online called Toyota Nation, out of all the people I know both online or off, I've never heard from anyone within that circle that have infamous engine oil slush problem which was all over the news at one point in time.

All of these are just fear-mongering from the media or from very selected few that have the problem and blow it up on the internet.

Again, you will never hear from people that have no problem with their cars.
I will disagree with you on this one. If say, the Corvette owners had engines grenading, you would see it all over the forums. You don't.

You DO see it on all Porsche forums that I have seen, including our own.

Face it, these engines have issues. These issues have even hit the Porsche magazines, where the tech guys have illustrated the IMS and RMS design flaws.

Warranty takes care of that, if it is a good one.
Rich Belloff

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