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Originally Posted by rick3000
I would not worry about the horror stories.

Think about it. How likely is someone without a problem to search the internet and join a Boxster forum vs. a person who has a problem and is searching the net for answers? You get a lot more people posting problems. Of the 200,000 Boxster owners, how many have posted on the net about engine failures?

The numbers on the internet are disproportionate and slightly biassed. That is just something to consider, when your considering the horror stores.
Actually, there are TONS of IMS failures on reputable Porsche websites.

No one is claiming that this is a statisticaly valid sample.

However, to ignore the chance of a 12K meldown is not necessarily smart either.

I sat next to a Corvette head on the plane yesterday. We tried to remember examples of total engine failure in the C5 and C6 models.

Could not cite even one.

Does it prove anything? Nope.

However, I have owned plently of vettes and never was concerned about the drive train in any way.

Can't say the same for Porsche experience.

Bottom line, Porsche has some design work to do, IMHO.

Still, I love the Box, only with a warranty please./

Rich Belloff

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