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need help with dansk header

hi all ,i ordered a dansk header for my 04 s..it should be here on the 29th later today..my qustion is ..the o2 sensor that goes on the original header is there a place for it on the new dansk header? if not what do i do with that o2 sensor..i am really concerned so any help would be great...thanks

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You need to have the O2 Sensor within 1/4 inch of the Original location so the computer can measure effectively, otherwise you risk a CEL.

Since your car is very new, there is no need to replace them. Keep in mind they are fragile, so be sure not to damage them.

If there is No O2 sensor bungs to fit them in, take it to your local muffler shop where they can drill a hole and weld in an O2 sensor bung near the OEM location so you may screw in the O2 sensor.

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thanks for the info krz..well i took my box to hergesheimer motorsports like you suggested krz...they are very nice overthere and helpful..i had them install the dansk header and the revo chip to test it out...1st some back round on the preformace of my box..over the weekend i got a g-timer so i could see my o-60 and 1\4 mile times ..i found a place near the 60 and the 15 in an industrial area that seemed safe and not very patroled..on sundy during the day it was about 100 degrees i did a couple of runs and the best times i could get please dont laugh i have not figured out how to launch the car very well yet, were..1st run
0-60 6.15
1\4 mile 14.68 97.3 mph
hp. 128 - 158 peak at 64 mph

2nd run
0-60 5.90
1/4 mile 14.43 97.6 mph
hp. 125-155 peak at 64 mph

now i know those h.p. numbers have to be wack but at least it gave me a base to compare after the mods were done..now for the let down..
the best i could after the mods "wait for it"

best run next day
0-60 5.83
1/4 mile 14.40 98.1 mph
hp. 125-155 peak at 64 mph

notice the important number no change in the h.p after the mods nothing ,zip ,zero...i did 3 runs and this was the best..so it seems like the investment in the headers was a waste of money...at least the chip was a trial and no lose there..also side note on the dansk headers vertex shipped to me ,my 04 s has 2 o2 sensors per cat on each header.. the dansk only comes with one hole ,input or what ever its called per header..so the guys at hergesheimer only conneted 1 02 sensor per per header..we all know what that means "cel light always on"..had ther been some sort of preformace gain then i would not care about the cel light..but in this case it really sucks...so next week i well go back to them and pay then to remove and reinstall the old headers..well thats my sob story thanks for the shoulder guys...anybody want to buy some dansks headers?
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Sadly, your story is not unique. Others have written in to us and be unhappy with muffler and chip upgrades.

My service tech feels that Porsche has done a good job of working the flow on the stock units and that there are few aftermarket guys who can do better.

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update on header and revo chip

hi all ,well my last test were pretty sad...but things have changed ..i did a few more runs and got the launchs down abit better...i soon got 0-60 of 5.4 and 2 of 5.2...so it looks like the header and revo software are staying....i am taking the box to my muffler guy to put the 2nd set of o2 sensors behind the rear cats as KRZ had suggested and also the people at vertex told me the same thing..if that gets ride of the cel light, i will be very happy..i dont have any hp numbers i have not dynoed it yet..but if i can get rid of the cel light i will dyno it next week some time and post the results....
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How did you measure the times? Stop watch or a device?

Also, what were your 1/4 mile times with the 0-60 times of 5.4 and 5.2?

How much for

1. headers
2. Chip
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hi nastyboxster ,i measured it with a g-timer all of my times have been with the same device in the same location..the last 2 times i did not take it all the way to the 1\4 mile because further down the street there was some cross traffic and i did not want to risk it....i have dansk header and a revo chip in demo mode..i will probably go back on friday so they can do the complete install..side note ..today i took my box to my muffler guy and as per instruction from
KRZ and from gilbert at vertex thanks to both of them .. i had him run longer wires and mount the 2nd 02 sensors behind the 2nd cats and i dont get a cel light anymore..i am really happy about that...

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