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HELP! I MADE A VIDEO what is this noise my engine is making and why hard cold start

OK so i just made this video i put on youtube


im not sure what is up with this car. but its making some kind of noise when you first start the car and then when you start the car, its fine for about 5 seconds...then power drops big time on rpm and sometimes dies

if i hit the gas and leave it rpm up high for about 2 minutes...then it runs OK

also there is a pinging and popping sound from the air intake when its running rough... you can hear it in the video

to give you background...i buy toys and flip time sometimes...motorcycles,boats, jet skis and cars. when i bought this car the check engine light was on for maf sensor which i replaced and just needed a convertible top bracket. but car has been running like this ever since i replaced the maf sensor. is it possible that a bad sensor is still to blame or what ....because after the car runs for 5 minutes its fine???? what could it be, plugs or ??? these are hard motors to work on since they are in the middle of the car

but what do you think
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Did it start normally before you replaced the MAF?

The "chicken" noise sounds to me like the starter may not be disengaging immediately.
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where did you get the MAF?

have you tried disconnecting it (for a short period) and seeing if it does any better?
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I had a MAF problem on my 2000 2.7 recently. It ran dog rough

I took it to the local Porsche dealer who told me to replace the MAF, they told me that the ECU adjusts itself to the readings of the faulty MAF and alters the mixture to compensate. To reset the ECU you just need to unplug all the cables from it and leave it a little while then plug it back in again. It then forgets the previous settings for the old MAF. The ECU is behind the rear bulkhead lining in the trunk. Once disconnected and reconnected it will begin to recalibrate itself to your new MAF. Porsche mechanic said it takes about 200-300 miles for it to re adjust itself, so to expect it be a bit lumpy for a while. Its runing fine now after 500 miles. Did you use a dodgy aftermarket MAF off ebay or is it a Bosch after market one or a genuine Porsche one? apparently it makes a big difference.

the chicken noise sounds like the ring gear on the starter motor not disengaging quickly enough. How long has it been doin that? was it since you changed the MAF?
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Haha. My car makes the same noise. Except I would call it a high pitched horse sound instead of a chicken sound.

You have a bad bearing in the starter. The starter is failing. This usually only happens in cold weather when the engine is cold.

My Boxster starts up fine in Summer, Fall, Spring. It only happens in Winter time for me.

Eventually, the starter WILL go bad and you will know when that happens because you won't be able to start the car.

As for the idle. It could be MAF Sensor. It could be as simple as a dirty throttle body that you can clean yourself with alcohol or electric parts cleaner. It could also be a vacuum leak. Spray WD40 around the rubber hoses. If the engine runs better after you spray a particular hose, you found the leak.
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I believe that you have two separate issues;

1 - As stated above, drive the car in varying conditions for 20-40 miles to let the ECU recalibrate the engine to the new MAF. Start and stop the car a few times when cold and when warm as you're driving around. Clearly, when the car is cold, the mix is wrong and the engine stumbles and barely runs. Once it warms up and the computer transitions to the warm running program everything is ok.

2 - I agree that your starter is likely on the way to failing. That is what is making the weird noise at startup.

Hope this helps, best I can do from a video!
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