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Evo intake labor????

Ok today I went to a local Chicago Porsche shop to see if they could install the Evo intake they stated that they have to drop the engine to do the install and would be a charge of approx 6 to 8 hours in labor OUCH! at $100 per hour I contacted Evo about this and they said that you dont have to drop the engine but that the intake is a time consuming process. Also, I want to install my new headers thats another 3 hour labor charge I havent heard of anyone having to drop the engine to install an intake. At these rates I may have to sell my car and keep my bmw

Any thoughts or ideas?

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That's crazy, you don't have to drop the engine. It does say in the instructions to remove the intake manifold, (left side/passengar one) but this is only to make the installation easier to get the new airbox into place. I would go some place else who can do it the way it is stated in the instructions. Not by droping the engine. There was someone else on this forum who installed a Power Flow intake, whci is basically the same type of cool air intake system and he did not even remove the manifold. He cut allot of plastic stuff out of the way from underneath, and was able to install it with any problems. You will have to remove the driver's side rear wheel and mud shield to get to that area I believe. If you do a search on this forum for Power Flow, you will find his step by step do it yourself instructions with pictures. Good luck.
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From the Boxster Mechanic at Porsche Club of America

With regard to Desnorkeling and also Cold Air Intake kits.

Will it cause any harm to the engine or anything else to remove the snorkel on my engine. Thank you for your time and consideration?

No the removal of the air intake for the airbox should not affect the car much either way.
I had made a previous post a year ago in which I said it would. What I was referring to was the removal of the complete airbox in which a so called cold air intake would be installed. These kits do not seal off in the engine compartment properly and will draw in hot engine air rather than the cool exterior air.

986Forum guys who have installed the Cold Air intakes, what is your experience with the cold air intake kits? Do they do as good a job sealing off the engine compartment as the stock airbox?
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I used a piece of pipe insulation at the top edge of my EVO airbox to seal out hot air from the intake. The Engine cover fits significantly tighter, so I'm just assuming that there's no hot air being pulled in. Sure feels a bit more powerful. And sounds GREAT!
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Evo intake labor ?

Hey chgolatin.
I came across your post regarding the Evo intake install,and although i'm a newby to the forum,and have never posted before,i had to chime in.
When your shop told you they had to drop the motor for this install,did they do it with a straight face?
Thats one of the most ridiculous things i've read on the site.
I personally just installed an Evo intake one of my personal cars ( 2000 'S' ) this past thursday.Although i do own a shop here in Atlanta,and have access to my own lifts and such,i can assure you,one does not need to drop the motor for this.
I will confirm that it IS a knuckle buster of an install.To be blunt,a real pain in the A_ _!
You will have to loosen the driver's side intake manifold,and loosen the throttle body to make things a little easier.It'll help if you have an extra pair of hands helping.One pulling on the intake manifold torwards the passenger side,while the other is manuvering the air box up and out.This is the most difficult portion of the install.There are 2- 10mm nuts at the bottom of the air box that are pretty hard to see,let alone get to.You will need to reuse these to fasten the EVO heat sheild back to the chassis.If you remove the access panel at the firewall,you'll have a better view of them.You may need to get from underneath the car.Both are pretty difficult to re-install,so be patient.
The kit should come with pretty clear cut instructions,and pics.Also,as in my case,the band clamp that holds the throttle body intake boot to the MAF housing,bottomed out before i got a secure bite on the new metal intake pipe that Evo supplies.I recommend you have an extra hose clamp standing by roughly 3-3.5" diameter..
I wouldn't blame them charging 2-3 hrs for an install,but a motor drop? c'mon.
As far as performance.It definatley adds to the throttle response,and could feel a little more pull at higher speeds.I installed it knowing that i was loading up some new GIAC software the next day.The intake is highly recommended when flash tuning it.
I have baseline dyno pulls,and will redyno in about a week,when in know the ecu has adapted to the mappings.I'll be glad to forward my results to anyone interested.
I would also budget for a new MAF shortly after the install if its the original MAF.Mine just took a crap on me.We have a 2000 996 3.4,and it did the same thing about a week after i chipped/intaked it.That new maf has been on for almsot 2 years with an EVO blower on said car.

I hope this helps.

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