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New member: need some help with top

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting. I'm looking for some help converting my 02 Boxster to a manual top. I've read every article/post I could find and I'm still stuck. The top stopped working in the up position. Yes, I've checked the fuses, relays, microswitches, and handbrake. I can't get the ball sockets to pop off and the 19mm bolt won't turn. I'd appreciate any help/advice. I've always been able to find exactly what I need on this forum and have enjoyed working on my car over the years, but i'm not having any luck with this one. Thanks in advance.

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The top and clam shell are under a good bit of pressure when to is up so popping off the ball sockets is tough because its so hard to get leverage.

Give us some background about the top....was it working? Did you put it up one day and now nothing works?
Maybe try to reseat the top controller in the fuse box?
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That is a tough situation. As dghii said, more info please. What happens, if anything when you try to open it?
Depending on what is wrong, maybe you can get it to operate enough to get it open.
If not, the 19mm bolts will have to come out, or the sockets will need to pop off (or be broken off).
Can you get more leverage to the 19mm bolts? How about reaching them with penetrating oil?
I expect that my video is redundant to what you already know, but just in case:

I am not an attorney, mechanic, or member of the clergy. Following any advice given in my posts is done at your own peril.
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Thanks guys. Here's a little more info... I installed a new parking break switch a few years ago after the old one failed. Then, converted to a glass window top a while back and everything worked great afterward. One day, I was putting the top up and it only went up about half way. I jiggled it a bit while pressing the button and it slowly closed (wish I had just put it back down). Now it makes a momentary noise (like the motor wants to start for a second) when I push the button and then silence. Windows drop fine etc. I've tried to reseat the fuse (no luck). When I put too much torque on the 19mm bolts it feels like I'm gonna strip them. I'll try some penetrating oil next though (I was trying not to make a mess). It sounds like those bolts are my only hope.
Thanks again... keep those suggestions coming. I'm not giving up!
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anyone... anyone... Bueller... Bueller...
OK since there is no reply, here's an update. I still can't get the 19mm bolts out. What do they put those things in with?! While messing around with those @*%#ing bolts I noticed my rear glass window was debonding from the canvas. I went ahead and took it out to get better access to the bolts. I can reach them much better now, but they still won't budge (I'm not a little guy either). I've even had a 1/2 inch impact wrench on them!!!!
OK guys, what next?
Please help!!!
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Some things to try...

Attack the back...
* Reach back and unclip the back cloth from inside (held in by long plastic strip that attaches to 2 plastic clips in the rear, pull down to unclip, see about 15 seconds into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCpiWmqC_6k)
* With the cloth out of the way, you might be able to reach the 6 small nuts (3 each side) that hold the clamshell down, then just lift it out up and of the way giving you full access (first pic here : Remove the Clam Shell for Better Engine Access)
* Alternatively (or after the step above) unclip the drive cables and run them with a drill to open the top manually (fig 6&7 here https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Boxster_Tech/71-BODY-Convertible_Top_Repair/71-BODY-Convertible_Top_Repair.htm) ... be careful to only do each side a bit at a time, then swap over, do other side to same level, so as to not get either side too out of alignment.

Attack the sides
* Instead of the main 19" bolt, remove the 2 parts attached to it... (see 2nd photo Remove the Clam Shell for Better Engine Access)
* Front pushrods - torx screw I think, can't remember exactly, will free up the the top
* Rear pushrods - pop off with a screwdriver, will free up the clamshell
* With both removed on both sides, should be able to manually raise the clamshell and move the top
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Woo Hoo! My Boxster and I are on speaking terms again. Thanks to everyone for the help. I took oldschool73's advice. ATTACK...ATTACK...ATTACK! That and some beer got the job done. I'm now in manual mode and loving it. I've seen a few guys post on how to keep the clam shell down with latches and such. I know it's not necessary, but I feel better with it being a bit more secure. Here's what I did. I attached a "L" bracket along with magnets and a washer (for spacing) on the bottom. Then, I put a few more magnets on the clam shell. It holds nicely and all I have to do is lift to open. So far, it's stable to 100 mph which is good enough for me.

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