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Pls help..

Hello, I just inherited a 2003 Boxster and it desperately needs 4 new tires (hydroplaned twice this week! ) but I don't know what to get... please pardon my ignorance, I'm new to this...

The car has Miro 19" rims with 275/30zr wheels in the front and 235/35zr in the back (I may have those backwards)... my question is should I get the same size tires as it has now, i.e. different size front and back, or should I get same size on all 4, if so which size? I don't drive the car much, I keep it for sentimental value, and when I do drive it I don't drive hard. Thanks in advance.....

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The search function is your friend...

You will find more reading on the subject than you realize exists. Lots of info here!
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Because the wheel rims are non standard (Miro), I don't know their dimensions or what tyres will fit correctly. On a Boxster, the rear wheels are wider than the front.
If I were you, I would go to a REPUTABLE tyre supply shop and ask their opinion on what size & type of tyres will fit the rims.
As for the tyres themselves, don't be tempted by installing cheap ones - go for a good manufacturer like Mitchelin, Conti, Bridgestone etc. A good tyre shop will guide you the in the right direction.
You won't regret buying 4 good quality tyres, your Boxster deserves them.....
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It is normal to have a stagger in the wheel sizes, smaller on the front than the back (so I hope you have your measurements the wrong way round) in order to promote understeer, which is generally though of as safer than oversteer.

I would have thought with that stagger, your wheels will be different widths anyway, so you may not have the choice. On the boxster, you have a lot of understeer built in to the car, so running the same size would not hurt much but there is also little reason to do so.

In short - different sizes are good for safe(er) driving. However, take it to a tire shop or two and ask their opinion.

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call the TireRack.com
They'll make it simple for you. You should be close to the car when you call so you can double check the sizes on the tire sidewall for the front an rear.

Also, its best for the good of the car to drive a good distance at least once a week, so that its more or less running for 30 minutes. If the engine sits for too long or if you only take trips that are very short its not really the best. Also, once you've been driving for 5-10 minutes, shift when the RPMs go above 3,000. Don't shift or drive the car long distances below 3,000 RPM.
Driving these cars to save on gas or so that it doesn't make a lot of noise will cause other problems down the line, these engines need to run in a spirited way to be healthy, it's not like a regular type car in that way. Try to avoid letting the engine idle for long periods, like don't start up and let it warm up for 5 or 10 minutes, that gets the engine hot fast and the car needs to be moving for the lubrication and cooling to do its job. Get in let it run for a minute and drive away.
Get the oil changed every six months even if you don't drive it too often. I personally recommend Castrol Edge 5W-40. Autozone run sales on it pretty often, works out to $5 a quart. you'll need at least 10. Find a good independent Porsche shop in your area (we have a sticky permanent thread on the General Discussions main page), that's if you want to avoid over-paying for basic stuff at the dealer. And wash the car yourself, avoid car wash places they'll end up swirling up the paint.
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Perfect Lap's suggestion to call Tire Rack is a good one. There are many tire choices and there is a wide range in prices. Before you call, decide whether whether you high performance tires or ones that last. Generally, higher performing tires wear out sooner. In my case, I choose longevity over performance and selected Bridgestone tires. Continental make a model - the DWS - which last even longer. Expect to pay something north of $800 for four new tires installed. BTW: local tire shops often will match Tire Rack prices if you ask.
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Wow, thanks all for the quick reply and for the excellent advice re: tires and general Boxster-care... I really want to take excellent care of this lovely vehicle that is filled with many many fond memories...
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There is a common saying on this board...

Drive it like you stole it.

The only thing I would add to PerfectLap.....

When the car is cold, don't run the engine too hard. There is debate about the actual number, but everyone agrees that you don't want to be pushing the redline while the engine is cold, maybe shift around 3,000ish RPM (if it is a manual), until the engine is warm. Then run her!
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Here is a decent article about tires:

Tire Test: Nine Affordable Summer Tires Take On the Michelin PS2 Comparison Tests - Page 10 - Car and Driver

Tire Rack has a great website, just click the various reviews and tests to get some great information on each tire:

Tire Search Results

Lots of folks seems to love the Hankook V12's, personally, my next set will probably be the Michelin Pilot Super Sports:

Michelin****Pilot Super Sport

Welcome to the forum! Don't be afraid to ask a question here, lots of great information!

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