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Old 08-12-2011, 07:46 AM   #61
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Every time I go into my local bar that i play pool for they know when I have driven the boxster. The bartender says: you got puddin face; you must have driven the porsche !!

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Red face another one

One day last week....whilst in boxster
i was visiting a very twisty section of pavement
that lots of the sportbikes frequent.
note....I too drive a sportbike..gsxr1000
So I am well aware of what they r capable of....
I noticed a red sportbike behind me by about 50 yards
Entering the twisty zone
I put the hammer down...glancing in mirror when I can
he is there...next turn...still there..
next turn....he is falling off the pace a little
A little more on the next turn...
by the time we get to the last turn ...I don't see him
till we straighten out and head for the intersection.
at the light he pulls up on his ducati 848..nice bike
gives me the thumbs up.
I turn to the female in passenger seat as she says
"Is that a fast bike? I say yes...but a slow rider"
she smiles.....
I was waiting for the ducati to close in on me
but I guess the same saying applies to bikes as it does to sportscars
its not the car/bike that is fast...its the driver/rider
oh yah....forgot to mention...top down
but I think everyone on this forum already assumed that .....LOL
Living one calculated risk @ a time
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Old 08-12-2011, 08:02 PM   #63
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I'm new here, bought a 2000 boxster at the end of june. At age 56 i was wondering if i should have bought another lincoln town car but the thought of actually driving again (had a MGB in the 70's) made me go nuts and try the boxster. As I tried to crawl out of toronto in evening rush hour I was re-examining my choice. I couldn't get over 30 miles an hour until finally past oakville and burlington and over the skyway, the road suddenly opened up and I hit it.......the only thing I can say is how on earth did I drive for all those years without a porsche.
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Old 08-13-2011, 06:30 AM   #64
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generally 4 wheels > 2 wheels in the twistys

Orlando - 99 BMW M Coupe (autocross toy), '11 Mazdaspeed 3 (dog hauler), '99 10AE Miata (the new daily driver)
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Old 09-27-2011, 08:28 PM   #65
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Thumbs up

I have wanted to get rid of my 01 S every time something breaks and i have to figure it out and fix it. But when i am test driving it those evil thoughts quickly disappear. There isn't many cars out there that feel, sound, or drive like these vehicles especially top down. and hearing those beautifull words from the wifee that " I really need to grow up before i kill someone or even better myself" is more of a reason to "keep boxstering" as Pedro would say. I have been cussing it out for the past few months as i find time to fix the latest kink in car/driver relationship, but then again that to will pass and we will be back on the road grinning and meeting new people in uniforms, (cops), and i bought a white one so it wouldn't be so obviouse to those bastards, well it didn't work they seem to pick up on fast moving white objects as much as they do a red or yellow one. The last one I met, I was quite into the moment great song, beautifull day, no one else on the road, doing a tad over 120 something, came over the overpass and there he was at the bottom so i downshifted, slammed on the brakes and stopped behind him right as he put his lights on to chase me, well i got a warning for being courtiouse and stopping and he gave me the " at my age i need to grow up speech, he must know my Wife somehow it sounded pretty similar. So now we just fly in the other direction.
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Old 10-01-2011, 05:56 AM   #66
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My secret lover....

As I open the garage and look at my Beautiful Sexy Goddess.I noticed her stance which is ohhhh soo defined. Beautiful smooth flowing curves accenting her wholesome figure. She is loaded with every option therefore she is capable of pleasing you in ever position imaginable. As I close my eyes,turn the key and I listen to her sexy purr..she is begging me to rev her to a growl...as I slip her in gear and I'm off for a secret encounter with some twisty back roads..
Upon approach,she reacts impressively to the slightest touch from the throttle. She is much better than any of my pasts...and she just loves it when I get aggresive with her as I take her thru the tightest curves.The amazing piston control allows me stretch her out, beat it up, get down right rough with her.
During this mind blowing, toes curling,incredible ride,she will have your heart racing....blood pumping....your mouth drolling and begging you to do it again. As the velocity increases I know I must remain in control as she may take flight and have me in another time zone.
She can handle all of me but I still treat her as the Sexy Goddess that she is. Porsche Boxster S. My baby..I love you almost as much as I love my wife .....

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WV Boxster
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New to the group. As I sit here and read this I am grinning. I recently moved from a Mercedes to a 325 BMW and oh how I missed actually driving. What a difference in getting there and Driving to somewhere.

A couple of months ago was out shopping for a new ride for Wife and ran into my new baby!! It didn't take 5 minutes to know that I wanted this Boxster!

Just looking at it made my hair stand up, then once the top went down and the car came to life- almost cried. When the dealer let me drive her I was checking my pockets, bank account, 401K and locations of local banks this had to go home where she belongs-MY DRIVEWAY.

I can not wait to DRIVE her home this Friday! I feel like a kid all over!!!!!!
If your not LIVIN now, then when?

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You've not really enjoyed your boxster until you've driven it on a track! Join the PCA and sign up for a high speed driver's education weekend if you've never done it before.

It's a blast!
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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Old 12-27-2011, 04:24 PM   #69
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I have always had a passion for speed and performance from land speed racing on Hayabusa's to racing on the track, but since purchasing the Boxster I find this car has tapped into something that these other activities do not have...the grace and beauty of the cars lines that is coupled to a smooth performance. A performance that is the ability to push through a corner without fear of breaking loose, the force that puts you back into a seat yet is subtle enough to allow you to cruse through a neighborhood with grace and safety.

Every morning I walk out to head to work I am simply amazed at how well Porsche designed her lines. My wife said I make it sound like sex on wheels. The Boxster is not about pure power, or pure performance but all that goes into the car that simply gives you the smile when you drive.

I love this car and will own her till the day that I die.
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Old 01-02-2012, 04:00 AM   #70
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I just bought my 2001 Boxster about a week ago. One of the things that is on my to do list is get the code number for the radio. Every time any one my family members get in the car they remind me of this as they play with all the buttons. Tell you the truth if it wasn't for them wanting to listen to the radio I don't think it would ever get done. Just to sit there and listen to the rumble of the engine from when I first fire her up to when I shut her down is all the sweet music I need!
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I've put nearly 7K miles on my 2010S since May. It's going to be in the upper 40's today, I have an extra day off, need to run some errands, and the wife & I will take the "little car". bought it to drive it, not look at it in the garage.
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No words needed

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Bought my Boxster in September and finally got to take it for a nice weekend drive to Palm Springs.....what a great car!!!

Sold my last Porsche, a 914, 25 years and five kids ago for the down paymment on a house....finally the kids are old enough so my wife and I can get away....again what a great car!
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I t has been 8 years now since I bought my Boxster. It still looks new. I discover new things about the car almost daily. I was at my office as the body shop driver took it away for some work and as it was leaving it made the low throaty rumble that sounds so good. That rumble reminds me of Ravel's Bolero higher and higher it goes. I redid my seats two weeks ago and I realized that I had the sports seat I owe having this magnificent car to my wife. She told me that instead of getting the Audi S-4 V-8 to get the Porsche since I always wanted it a Porsche. I went to the dealer sight unseen and even without a test drive I bought it. Have not regretted that at all. Even though it greying a little grey it's still quick and fun to drive as it was in the first day. Now spring approaching the tanning machine comes on-TOP DOWN every day and enjoying the ride.
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Old 03-11-2012, 07:51 PM   #75
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I bought my first Boxster 99 last year and let me tell you,I'v had nothing but great times with it.I'v done a few things to it like Victor equipment Lemans wheels,new paint and a super sweet Fister Exhaust.The stance the sound and the overall look of the car is awesome.I mainly use the car on the weekends and man do I enjoy the looks it gets.A wide smile is always on my face when I cruise through the Monterey pennisula and down the coast.Cheers to you all and happy trails.
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My experience has been surprising

I heard a lot of horror stories when I bought my 98 boxster. I was wondering where I put my 15k after I had bought it. But after 8 months and 45000km this car has been a rock. I have been very proactive with oil changes, every 3 to 4000km with 5w40 Titan oil. I drive it every day, right thru this last winter with Hankook ice bears. It is solid in snow and rain, the mid engine gives you an uncanny hold of the road. You can react quickly and the low end torque allows you to keep the revs down and stay in control. On dry pavement it's a blast revving the motor in 3rd or 4th when on and off exit ramps feeling the car stick to the road, that is pure adrenalin. Ferry Porsche drove the 1st silver mid engine roaster Porsche ever built the 356 no1 for 50 years and it couldn't have been more powerful than the 2.5 Boxster, so if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me. The Boxster is an extension of the Porsche legacy. First electric car, first 4 wheel drive car, first mid engined car...that's what I think of my Boxster.
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I have not had a great drive in MY boxster yet, but the one I test drove this past weekend was awesome. Its only the second drive in any kind of Porsche and my grin has still not worn off.

The first one was at a dealer in a 2.5l silver boxter a week ago and I loved it but this weekends test drive of a private sale Boxster S has me totally enthralled.

The bad news is I have to wait 2 weeks to take ownership, but after that the really fun driving is going to begin.

I also experienced Porsche envy on my short highway jaunt during the test drive. Some Honda Accord-ian fool wanted to race I think. I payed him no mind and exited the highway behind him, since it was not my car yet.

Not having to prove the car is just as satisfying as doing so and I am sure to find out more in a few weeks.

For the time being I can't stop looking at the phone pics I took....its even better than I remembered in my sleep last night...
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
2012 Porsche Performance Driving School - SanDiego region
2001 Boxster S, Top Speed muffler, (Fred's) Mini Morimotto Projectors, Tarret UDP,
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Got my 2001 boxster S 6 speed last thursday ahead of schedule and it has been a blast.

I am learning the shifting (Drove stick for 35yrs) of this beauty and find myself driving without music so I can hear whats going on.

Went out to El Torro AutoX last sunday just for kicks, its more fun to drive rather than watch, but it was an excuse to go for a drive on the Ortega highway.

On my daily drive its pretty straight going but the highway on ramps have never been more fun. I set my speed warning at 90mph and seem to trigger it everytime while merging.

The blind spot on the 7-8 oclock quandrant takes a bit getting used to and I have adjusted my mirrors to get that covered as well as possible.

I have never had so much fun driving around. The Camaro I used to own was fun too but can not even come close to the responsiveness of the Boxster S.
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
2012 Porsche Performance Driving School - SanDiego region
2001 Boxster S, Top Speed muffler, (Fred's) Mini Morimotto Projectors, Tarret UDP,
Short Shifter, Touch Screen Dual Din Radio, 03 4 Bow glass Top (DD & Auto-X since May 17,2012)
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Last week , returning from Chemainus on the island highway ( two lane divided )
a semi's retread tire disintegrated about five car lengths in front of me. I had time to check the mirror ( the closest car was a couple of car lengths behind ) before taking evasive action.
I was doing 60 mph in the fast lane , the chunks of rubber ranged in size from small dogs
to suitcase size. Both lanes received about the same amount of rubber - it was like driving through a pinball machine with the targets still moving. I managed to "thread the needle"using both lanes and missing all the chunks.
I felt in complete control of the car at all times, no body roll, no screaming tires.
The cars behind me didn't even attempt to avoid, they hit their brakes and the chunks of rubber.
'99 Boxster Arena Red
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Lovin' it

In my youth, I used to love to drive. When I wasn’t driving, I was tinkering with my car. Then I ran into a problem car. Two blown motors along with a front end wreck and two years of payments left on it. So the car sat while I bought disposable cars ($500) to get me to work and back. Because they were disposable, I never washed them. I only performed very necessary maintenance. (The brakes are fine even if they grind a little bit). After my junk car was paid off, I started saving that money I was using before when paying it off.

Ten years later, I have $13k saved up. I’m very set in my ways now, of never washing a car or fixing anything that isn’t physically stopping the car from driving. I had a Ford Probe for a while during my disposable car era and I remembered that I loved driving that little stick shift. So I started looking for a real car. A little-ish car with a manual transmission. I wanted something new-ish so only looked at cars newer than 2003. There was not much appealing about any of my choices. I came close to buying a Chevy Cobalt, but “luckily” I had forgot my driver’s license so I was not able to test drive it. The next day, just bored at work, I went back online and cleared out the year filter and the first car I saw was a 2002 Audi TT. Good condition. I thought about that. A convertible. How neat would that be. Perusing down the page some more I saw two 1997 Boxsters. Both with low miles (68k & 72k) for being 1997s. Both were in great condition. And then for the next two days I asked every single person I ran into, “why should I not buy this car?” I needed to have someone talk me out of it. I’m not rich at all. (Obviously, it took me 10 years to save up $13k.) Everyone told me maintenance was going to kill me. I looked up the maintenance costs of the major repairs like the clutch, brakes, and other assorted repairs and the costs were not what I considered crazy. Although I am not looking forward to replacing the clutch when that happens. Also insurance was very reasonable IMO. So I made my decision a week later…

It’s been a year and I still peek into the garage almost every day and am still wowed about my purchase. I have never felt this way about a car ever. Even my first car. I wash it weekly and I have it detailed monthly. I could detail it myself, but I think I just love showing it off to people. I love to drive again. I can’t remember the last time I drove from point A to point B without a detour of some sort or another. There’s a little S-curve by my work that always seem to make it into my route home even though it takes me a bit out of the way. So far, I have spent about $1200 on maintenance which includes badly needed tires and brake pads. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know if my story catches the spirit of this topic or not, but I love this story and I wanted to share it and I cannot wait to have many more stories to share in the upcoming years.

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