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GAHH glass top and top latch and overall experience

I recently had a GAHH glass top installed on my 02 S after someone sliced the top on me (what a great night that was). Anyway, while it looks great, I'm really not thrilled in terms of its operation.

With the factory top, to lower, you pop the top latch, leave the latch open, and let the top come back and stow. However, with the glass top, you must re-latch the top latch before the top stows, otherwise the latch will just barely contact the windstop and leave the latch hanging "half latched," not to mention, due to the way the glass sits when stowed, it's probably not the best situation to have that latch resting (and putting pressure) in the center of the glass. The added step takes away from the automatic top functionality.

I also seem to have more "play" between the driver's window and the top frame, to where the glass will now rattle over bumps with the top and windows up.

Lastly, engine access with the glass top sucks.

All in all, though it looks great I'm really now thrilled with the situation. I've talked to the shop ( a GAHH recommended installer, who, I realized after the fact, also over-charged me), and they say that there is nothing they can do, as there is no adjustment to the top frame to be made anywhere. So, I'm not sure what to do about all this, other than the fact that, at this point, I want this thing off my car.

If I could do it all over again, I would have just gone with a factory top.

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I don't have a GAHH glass top, but did transplant a factory 03 glass top and frame on my car not long ago, and know that there is an adjustment for the frame in order to make it so that the top latch does not touch the windstop when you cycle the top up and down. This should be an easy fix. Take a look at the first picture in the link: http://mike.focke.googlepages.com/removingthetopandframe

Here, you will see 2 of the 3 bolts you will need to loosen on each side of the top frame. They are circled in red. There is a 3rd bolt right above the bolt on the top of the picture. Just loosen those bolts (don't remove them), and then have someone pull the frame rearward as much as they can while you retighten the 3 bolts. If you have that little screw that has a blue arrow pointing to it (there's actually 2 of those, but you can't see the other one in that picture, as it sits further back), you will have to loosen these too (some top frames don't have these screws there). This will prevent the top latch hook from touching the windstop.

As for the engine access issue, you can fabricate your own strap to increase the engine access on your aftermarket top. Take a look at the strap that the Robbins glass top maker fabricated and includes with all their aftermarket glass tops. Since their glass window tops are installed on the older 3-bow frames, they won't fully pivot out of the way like the factory 03+ top frames allow, but fabricating this makeshift strap will effectively pull the glass window away from the engine cover, and get you the access you need to service the engine from the top.

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I've had two GAHH glass-window tops on my 2000. Although I've had issues with the tops (early window separation issue and installation problems) neither has made contact with the windstop. I never close the latch before fully lowering the top. I agree with Boxtaboy, either it just needs to be adjusted or something is broken causing this problem. I also haven't experienced the rattling issues with either top. Maybe both of the problems are related and point to some type of installation error or a broken part.

I agree engine access is horrendous compared to the OE setup. However, I've been able to do all needed maintenance thus far (air filter, air/oil separator, MAF) without cursing too much.

Best of luck getting it sorted!

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Thank you very much for the tips. Like I said, the installer claims "there is no adjustment to the top, so I don't know what to tell you."

Either way, I'm still at the point where I want this thing off my car.
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I just got a GAHH top on my car. I got the new one with the acoustic material. Honestly, its far superior to the OEM top. No wind-noise. No issues with clearance. I am questioning if I'll even both to put the hard-top on this winter. The top is that quiet.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your installer did a hack job. Don't blame the equipment -- press your installer to get it right.
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"press your installer to get it right"

... especially if he's an authorized GAHH top installer. You have leverage then. You can always call the fine folks at GAHH and tell them they need to contact him and sort it out for you.

I've heard nothing but good things about their customer service with authorized installers.
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I also have had no problems with having to relatch my GAHH top. I agree, call GAHH and they can work the problem out with your installer.

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