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Test driving an 09 on Monday!

New here. Currently have a MY08 S2000. It's a fun car, but a bit too raw for me. At first it was fun having to wind it up to get power out, but the novelty has worn out. But I'll certainly miss the sweet shifter and light, forgiving clutch.

Looking for a Boxster S (my first P-car). I have back problems so a heavy clutch is a deal breaker. Will see Monday--may have to go with PDK. Can't WAIT!

I'm a believer in "keep it simple". I'm currently targeting as options:
PDK (if clutch too heavy)
Sports Chrono Plus
PCM with Nav
Sports Exhaust (on the fence--it's quite pricey just for the sound)
Oh yeah and I like the Boxster S logo on the armrest/storage tray! may do that.

will keep standard seats (non-power) and 18" for ride comfort (will be my DD)

Will lease (3yr test drive) and buy it at lease end if is proves reliable.
Any advice/comments greatly appreciated!!


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I've had a ruptured disk (L-5/S-1) for about 7 years and I've never noticed any kind of issue with a clutch because of it...but then I'm a weightlifter/cyclist so my left calf is pretty stout. Not to mention that it seems like the clutch engages in about the last half inch of pedal travel. But whatever, straight drive or PDK, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Whereabouts in GSO are you?
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I've had a pdk for about a month+. I like it. Better mpg, too (than Tip). There are a lot more creature comforts in the 2k9s. The PCM is very easy to use. Bluetooth needed an update for me (Nokia phone kept getting dropped). XM RADIO! integrated ipod...
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I would hate to pay for the NAV unit in a new car, but it would be hard for me to do without now that I have put in an aftermarket unit. If I were to ever get another Boxster, I would get it with their NAV unit. I would also get bluetooth for the NAV. It is very cool to have your whole car be a large, in my case 1000 watt, speaker phon


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Hi, looking forward to your test drive review. I've been reading that the new double clutch transmission is quite the marvel. It appears to perform a bit better than the manual. If price or maximum fuel economy isn't a factor it seems like a tough option to pass-up. The '09 S has a couple of improvements. I believe it has a revised motor design and direct fuel injection too.

enjoy the drive.
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If you never turn on the radio, don't spring for the Bose upgrade. But if you do enjoy music on a long trip or your other half likes music, the Bose upgrade is really nice. My buddy has it on his 07 and while it doesn't meet audiophile requirements, it's quite a bit louder and better quality sound over the base system with added bass. And with a convertible, you want a fairly loud system to hear it on the freeway with the top down.

If you drive after dark the litronics (xenons) are superior to the halogens and worth the extra cash in my opinion. I don't know if they're standard on the 09S or not.

Both the Bose and the Litronics are definitely important features for resale to me as I peruse ads for Boxsters and Caymans I dream about buying.

BTW, if you can find one that is close to your features list or has more than your features list instead of ordering the car, you can hammer the dealer on price and get it right now. They're hurting badly and will probably give you a substantial discount.
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My test drive impressions

OK, so as you read below, I was concerned about clutch pedal effort so I drove the manual first (S model). I didn't think the clutch was much heavier (if at all) than my MY08 S2000. The take up point is definitely different, much closer to the floor than my Honda or previous miata, but very forgiving and ideal for heal-toe work. I would prefer having a bit higher take up, but I could grow to love this. The shifter was not as precise and fun as my s2000, but I nothing would be. I'm convinced it's the best. It does find the gates very well, almost going there by itself with little effort--never missed a gear once. I did find it slightly challenging to do very rapid gear changes, but then it was a first drive.

The power is insane, almost as amazing as the sound! I can't imagine what the sports exhaust would bring to the party, it's already phenomenal. the car had 19s but I didn't find it was overly rough and i drove on some pretty crappy roads (no PASM either). I did find that the sport seats were much more comfortable for me than standard ones, but then I have a very small frame--larger folks have said they prefer the standard seats due to narrow bolsters which is why the dealer almost always orders them that way. You should sit in both! As per all the reviews, the steering is sublime as are the brakes. I don't even have to comment on the handing--you know the answer.

So at that point I said, that's it, I don't need to drive the PDK but then the sales manager came out to talk to us and suggested I drive it (of course, they can make more money that way). All I can say is WOW!! my wifes car is an 07 GTI with DSG and this thing blows it away. you really cannot feel the shifts it is so fast--there is absolutely NO loss of momentum between gears either upshifting or downshifting--it even feels like it's rev matching on downshifts. I think that's how this car is getting low 4 sec 0-60 times when the weight/hp ratio doesn't suggest it should be that fast. it's just phenomenal and deserves all the praise it's getting. I agree with many that rowing your own gears is great fun, but after drving the PDK I can honestly say I had more fun in that one, plus I could keep both hands on the wheel and focus on driving. the shift buttons are also not quite as bad as some reviews give it. I was used to the push upshift, back downshift pattern in minutes. But forget about shifting during cornering--too hard to find the buttons--really needs both buttons and paddles. The buttons are very ergonomic if you're hands are at 10 and 2, but useless away from that. So I left it in automatic mode for awhile and it was so good at not only shifting but also anticipating the next desired gear change that I likely would not have chosen the gear better myself. I think this gets even better with sport chrono package which this car did not have. I see why true racing machines employ this technology. All depends on what parts of the driving experience are most important to you. As a lover of the snick-snick precision of a nice gearbox I really was impressed---if you are looking at a new model, definitely drive both and see which gives you the bigger smile Would love to hear comments from someone who has autocrossed with PDK--would be interesting.

So even though the clutch and shifter were great, I will likely go with PDK. only concern is longevity- we don't have 10years history with this tranny, but willing to take the risk (and get an extended warranty!).

I will say they had a couple of 08 models and were willing to almost give them away. they had a lightly equipped S there were willing to let go for 50k or less. so now's the time if you're interested in a newer model. dealers are dying to move the 08s to make room for 09/10 and get some PDKs in there.

Hope you found this useful.


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