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Should I buy?

I found a 2003 Boxster S, 6 speed, black/black with bi-xenon light package and Bose package. It does not have heated seats or PSM. It has approximately 25k miles and is in nearly mint condition. It is at a reputable dealer and I talked them down to $28,000. Is this a good deal? Would you buy?

The one thing that is holding me back is that I really did want the heated seats and PSM. Being in the North East region, it does get cold and the heated seats would be nice. PSM is nice to have as an additional safety factor. If the car had these two, I would probably have no hesitation as the car has everything else that I want and is the color that I want. I think the price is good which is making me overlook these features. Any help would be appreciated.


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Based on my recent experience, that sounds like a pretty good deal. I wouldn't worry about the heated seats... you're not going to be driving it in the winter are you?
I'm so happy with my Boxster, just looking at it in the garage makes me happey
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I'm a new owner - I have PSM but would have bought without. It has activated a few times but I don't know if it saved me or prevented some good times Most likely a combination...

As for heated seats, never had them when I lived in Chicago - have them now that I live in the South -- a non-issue for me but to each his/her own.
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you can buy online the heated seats package, hey are 100 bux a seat, and install should be easy.
thing w leather seats is they are cold for the 1st minute, or not even, and then they are fine.
i went trough chicago winter w/o heated seats just fine, or PSM, or winter tires, or traction control of any kind, or xenons, hehehe.... fun times, i miss the snow (dare i say?)

buy the car, you will love it

---and then post some pics
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Old 04-01-2007, 05:24 AM   #5
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Some factors to consider...

1. If you absolutely want heated seats and PSM, don't settle for less. Your color preference is not rare, so you will be able to find one with the combination of options you want IF you are willing to wait AND willing to travel. If these options are a must have and you buy the local one without them, will it be a bargain if you are always wishing it had more?

2. My Box does not have heated seats and it's my daily driver. I didn't feel I needed them for winter driving. The Box has an excellent heater (sometimes too good). But heated seats would come in handy if you are going to be driving with the top down in chilly weather. That's not an issue with me because it has to be 60 deg before I will drop the top (and windows have to be down). I'm not into the windows up, heater full blast, but the top is down on a cold day kind of drive. But other forum members drive topless in 40 deg. Personal preference. You may want to consider how you will be driving your Box and then decide whether heated seats are needed.

3. Can't comment on PSM as I have not driven a Box with it. Mine does not have it. I put on a good set of snows this winter and got along fine. It can be done without PSM. BTW, DJ has suicidal tendencies. It is not recommended to use summer tires during the winter. You didn't mention if your Box would be used year round or not, but thought you should know before you find out the hard way.

This final point is not an option to consider. Have you looked at RandallNeighbor's "10 Things to Know Before Buying a Boxster"? It is a link at the bottom of all his posts. It is required reading.

Good luck with your purchase. You will love owning a Boxster.

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Old 04-01-2007, 10:30 AM   #6
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Thanks for the info so far. What do you guys think about the deal for the miles the car has, condition and options. I also didn't mention that I would be getting the car shipped from out of state so that would cost $1000. I personally have not looked at the car yet. I found an ******************************** mechanic nearby to the dealer that is selling the car. The mechanic is willing to go over to the dealer where the car is and check it out and drive it and send me a detailed report. Would you buy it if everything checked out very good. Do you still think it's a good deal? It'll be in the $29k range shipped.


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Because the car isn't what you want as it is missing 2 "requirements" you have placed when you constructed the "car I want to buy" image.

You'll regret it every cold day and more so every slippery day.

There are at least 55 2003 Boxsters for sale within 250 miles of DC, keep looking.

Not a bad price.
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Old 04-01-2007, 11:23 AM   #8
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Where is the car? Why spend a $1,000 for shipping? If you decide to buy this car, fly there and drive her home. That's gotta cost less than a grand, unless the car is out west.
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Oh yeah, are you sure you want a balck/black/balck Boxster? Hard to keep clean and very hot in the summer. Did I mention thay are hard to keep clean?
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B- but don't forget, being a boxster owner we are fanatics about our car so having black as a color it doesn't matter...it will always look clean.
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Old 04-02-2007, 07:46 AM   #11
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sounds like a good deal for 03 S if it's clean. i bought my 99 (non S) with 36,500 miles for $16,300 in Alexandria and loving it. most people have no clue which year it's from and think it's newer than 99. just to give you an idea of convertible market around DC, my buddy just bought 04 S2000 with less than 9k miles for $24k out the door a week ago. love the short shifter on s2000 but can't stand the engine sounds (way too loud for more than half hour ride).

i haven't driven the box in real winter condition other than the one week of cold we experience in mid March. but i don't think you would need a seat warmer for this car. i don't have seat warmer but for some reason, the car gets warm quick especially the seats(maybe due to engine right behind the seat). well, good luck getting your S. we can definately use more boxsters in DC.
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Old 04-02-2007, 08:18 AM   #12
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The price sounds about right. But this is where you need to ask yourself if the items that are missing are really important to you. If they are then walk and find another. If not then go forward with it. For me heated seats are a must on a convertible. But then again I am from So Cal and thus a weather pansy.

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Old 04-02-2007, 08:52 AM   #13
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I simply would not buy something I never saw. I drove to Norfolk to look at an S with great mileage and lots of options ...but luckily, I got to see it before it was detailed. The guy was a pig. I'd never buy a car that I could not get a good vibe from.

I bought mine in CT ...took Amtrak ... another last Nov. in Cleveland: $250 R/T plane ticket ..and threw away half of the ticket. With so many cars available .. Black being perhaps the most common color .. you'd certainly be able to find one you could see. Options are almost free on used cars: get as many as you can.

j i m
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Old 04-02-2007, 08:46 PM   #14
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Thanks for your opinions. The car I was interested in was sold over the weekend I'm kinda bummed out about that. It was just difficult since the car was in AZ and I am in DC. I guess I'll find another one and just need to be patient.


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