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Once again, great info - but we're starting to swim at the deep end of the pool. I think I've got the idea why you don't want spkrs with fewer ohms than the radio or amp is putting out. I will wire my spkrs in series and have ohms to spare.

I bought some Kicker KS35s today and have been working all afternoon / evening trying to get them in. They are bigger in all dimensions than the OEMs. Thought I had a soln all worked out but I ran into a clearance problem during a final check. Plan B also had a clearance problem in a different location. Went back to the original plan and modified it. Looks like everything is fitting properly now - on one side. The other side is untouched but now I have a pattern so it shouldn't take long. I was hoping to have the whole project done today as I have a nice 4 hr road trip on the agenda for tomorrow. Guess I'll have to enjoy the new spkrs on my trip in to work on Mon, but it's always better to do a good job versus doing a hack hurried job.
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