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Speakers & Watts & Amps. Ohm My!

The thread from last week about the PnP rear spkrs got me thinking about replacing my OEM 3.5s. But before I go out and buy 4 spkrs that are wrong for my setup, I thought I better do some research. This has raised some questions and who better to ask than the experts?

1. Bentley says the amp provides 2x40w to the dash spkrs and 2x70w to the doors. Nothing mentioned about the rear spkrs. Does the amp provide pwr to them and if so, how much?

2. The owners manual says the min spkr ohm is 4. Each pair of rears are wired together (in seq?). Do you add the ohms in that scenario? The reason I ask is our local mega store has some expensive Infinity Kappas that he thinks I should buy but they are 2 ohm. If they are in seq and you add, these would be OK. If not, they would not meet the min req. I'm not sure I'm going to spend $200 for 4 spkrs, but other brands also sell 2 ohm spkrs and I would like to know if I should avoid them.

3. The owners manual says the cdr220 radio has 4x18w power. If the amp isn't supplying pwr to the rears, should I buy spkrs that are less than 18w? What happens if I buy a 25w min spkr and the power is 18w?

4. There are 11 diff 3.5" spkrs listed on CarDomain. I figured I would disregard the high and low end models and concentrate on the mid-priced ones. I'm a bit uneasy about buying something as subjective as spkrs off of a list without hearing them. I do plan to call them and see what they suggest, but does anyone have a fav they would suggest?

As always, thanks for you input.

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