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That hack job of a fix (the photograph) was a new piece of trim… it didn’t even appear to be the same quality of plastic. (it was actually much more thick and sturdy feeling than the original) the part itself looked good, but it doesn’t seem to fit flush with the rocker panel and I can tell my female-nitpicky-ness is starting to annoy the body shop guys. (but no worries… I won’t stop till all is back to normal) We’ve tried a heat gun,(to shape the plastic a little) and you can clearly see the adhesive tape that was added. I’m at the point now where I’d just like to get an entirely new pair (one for each side) and replace them both. Even though they said the part they replaced it with was for an ’01 I can’t help but think maybe this is for an “S” or maybe for an ’05 or newer? It’s taking much too much energy…I’m checking out right now. (thanks)

As for as the boulder… this is the SECOND time I’ve been whacked by a big rock from above. The first time I was in an NSX; I had turned onto a side road just as the rock rolled off the mountain and apparently I timed it just right…it lodged just behind my front tire. (it brought the front wheel off the road) No damage, just jacked up the car, moved the rock and I was on my way again. This time I was heading over a mountain on my way to Nashville, the rock was thrown off of another vehicle; I had no time to react. It was raining and you know how the Boxster likes to spin around in the rain. It could have been a lot worse, at least I stopped on the shoulder and didn’t go over the side! When I lived in Dallas I never had these mountain/boulder problems… maybe this is a sign? Lol

Thanks for all your help!!
Rena Dudley
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