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Originally Posted by Chris_911
Can you post more details on how you installed the unit, routed cables, etc?
I have attached a picture from before cleaning up the installation. In this picture, the cables still need to be organized and the front trunk plastic covers need to be reinstalled.

I connected the Gateway 500 by tapping into the connectors going into the back of the NAV drive.

The optical connection was very easy - the instructions in the Gateway 500 were clear and all required parts (couplers, optical cables, etc.) were included. It entailed unplugging the optical connector from the back of the DVD drive and unfastening one of the optical cables from the connector followed by inserting one of the included optical cables back into the connector. Basically, the cable that was unplugged from the DVD drive goes into the Gateway 500, and the new cable goes between the Gateway 500 and the DVD drive connector.

If your car doesn't have a DVD drive, you will need to perform this procedure on some other MOST component (head unit, amplifier, etc.). The DVD drive was convenient because it is very accessible. The amplifier is hard to reach with the optical connections hiding behind the speaker wires, and the head unit requires removal from the center console.

The only other thing to connect is power. You will need to find some location to connect the included power cable to get +12V and GND. I soldered the power wires onto the power connector pins the DVD drive.

That is all there is to the install! Pretty simple if you have NAV.

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