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Originally Posted by berj
Do you know what the interface would look like/how it would work in a car without the PCM? The radio has only one line of visible text so I'm curious how the controls might work. Does them manual give any indication?

To tell you the truth, I think it would be more intuitive on the CDR23/24 without the PCM display as you don't need to mentally shift user interface paridigms when using the unit.

Operation is quite simple:
CD 1-4 correspond to the first four playlists on your iPod. You can name the playlists with the first character as '1' - '4' to guarantee a match. This is a quick way to access your favorite playlists
CD 5 corresponds to playing all tracks on your iPod.
CD 6 corresponds to accessing the menu.

In the menu >| (skip next) and |< (skip prev) send a command to the CD changer to switch to the next track/prev track. In response the gateway 500 displays a track name on your 1 line display corresponding to the menu item (i.e. playlists, artists, podcasts, albums, etc.). On a given menu item (cd track - as your head unit would see it), pressing >> (fast forward) selects the menu item and << (rewind) exits up one menu level.

So, suppose you wanted to play a playlist called "My Playlist", assuming this is not one of the first four playlists, this is how you would do it:

1. Select CD 6
2. Press >| until you get to the [Playlists] menu option (this happens to be the first option). Press >> to select this menu option. (On the PCM, you need to hold down >| to perform a fast forward)
3. Press >| until you get to the Playlist "My Playlist". Press >> to select.
4. At this point I get a little confused as I've only been on one drive with the unit. I believe it then shows the name of the first song in the playlist. Pressing >| will display the next song, and so on. Pressing >> will select the song in the playlist to begin playback.


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