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If they stop making the Boxster the car will be an instant classic and the value will be exceptional. Used Boxsters in my area, SE PA, sell very, very fast. They are the bread and butter of monthly profits at the dealerships. Porsche will drop it once the profit margins are no longer there. Who knows we may be reaching that point. They are more expensive to make than the Cayman but retail is less. Personally I think the Boxster name is such a great trademark with instant recognition that if they do drop it, it won't be replaced by a Cayman convertible. If they drop the Boxster it will because the roadster market is saturated and the profit margins aren't there. A Cayman convertible won't be able to make any more sales and profit than a Boxster, particularly when you consider that it'd be pushing $75k US with moderate oprtions. I hope they do drop the Boxster. I'd own one of the last couple thousand made.
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